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With over 15 years of experience in the wheel and tyre industry, we don't just fit tyres.

We also have high-quality technology and machinery and experienced staff who can carry out alloy wheel repairs and alignment.


Britain's awful roads, accidents, weather conditions and chemicals can all cause your wheels to misalign, corrode, crack, chip, bend, and split. We will look after your car as if it were our own and offer the best advice with the aim of keeping you (and your family) safe, ensuring maximum tyre life, better handling and improved fuel efficiency.


As part of our aim to provide excellent customer service, when you bring your car to us, we'll carry out a free wheel and tyre health check on all four of your wheels (even if you're only having one tyre fitted) 



Wheel Alignment

We use Hunter aligners, the industry's leading alignment equipment, to ensure your vehicle is accurately aligned and prevent uneven wear and tear on your tyres. Our experts are committed to providing reliable & fast service.


Buckle & Crack Repair

Out of shape buckles and cracks in your alloys will affect your driving experience, safety and tyre life. We offer expert repairs to restore your wheels, keeping your vehicle working correctly using only the best quality materials and tools.


Wheel Refurbishment

Wheels looking worn and outdated after hitting the curb? We can offer a full refurbishment of the entire wheel, giving it a brand-new finish inside and out. We can loan you some wheels in the meantime to keep you on the road.

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