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Terms & Conditions

1. General - Unless other terms and conditions are expressly accepted by Only Tyres Ltd (hereinafter called “the company”) by means of written amendment to these terms and conditions signed by a Director of the Company, or the Company Secretary, and referring specifically to the terms or conditions to be amended, the Contract shall be on the terms and conditions set out below (hereinafter together called the “Contract Terms”) to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions whether or not the same are endorsed upon, delivered with, or referred to in any purchase order or other document delivered by the Purchaser to the Company.

2. Leaflets & Price Lists - (i) Leaflets, price lists and other advertising matter are only an indication of the type of goods offered, and no particulars therein shall be binding upon the Company. (ii) All prices quoted herein are subject to alteration or withdrawal from time to time without notice and unless otherwise agreed in writing the price is based upon costs ruling at the date when goods are fitted which shall be deemed to be when they are handed over to the Purchaser or otherwise appropriated to the Contract of the Company.

3. Orders & Quotations - (i) The Company reserves the right to accept or refuse orders. The Company also reserves the right (without prejudice to any other remedy) to cancel any uncompleted order or to suspend fitting/services in the event of any of the Purchaser’s commitments with the Company not being met or if the Company are of the opinion that such commitments will not be met by the Purchaser. (ii) The Company reserves the right to refuse the Purchaser’s acceptance of a quotation unless such quotation is stated to be open for a specific period and is not withdrawn within such period. (iii) The acceptance of a quotation must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable the Company to proceed with the order forthwith, otherwise the Company will be at liberty to amend the quoted price to cover any increase in cost which has taken place after acceptance. (iv) If the Purchaser cancels or purports to cancel the order or any part thereof or fails to take fitting of any goods at the time agreed (if any) should such cancellation or failure cause dislocation to the Company’s production, the Purchaser shall be liable without prejudice to any other rights of the Company to claim damages to indemnify the Company against any loss, damage or claim resulting from such dislocation and against any loss, damage or expense incurred by the Company -including the payment of licence or other fees the cost of any material, plant or tools used or intended to be used therefore and the cost of labour and other overheads.

4. Fitting/Service - The Company will endeavour to complete the fitting/service within the time agreed (if any) but in no circumstances will it be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever caused directly by any delay in the completion of the goods. If by reason of force majeure the completion of the goods is in the Company’s opinion rendered impracticable the Company shall be at liberty to terminate the order by sending by ordinary post to or by delivering to the Purchaser a Notice in writing to that effect. Thereupon the Purchaser will pay to the Company such a sum as will together with any other sums paid previously bear the same proportion to the Contract price (including the variation thereof) as the goods fitted or services contracted for. (ii) The goods are despatched at the risk of the Purchaser and the Company shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the goods after these have been delivered which shall be deemed to be when they are handed over to a carrier or appropriated to the Contract by the Company, (iii) Where the Purchaser alleges that the goods are deficient in numbers upon delivery or defective at that time the Company shall not be liable for such claims unless they are advised in writing within 7 days of receipt by the Purchaser. (iv) Where the Purchaser returns goods to the Company for any reason other than that they are defective, the Company reserves the right to charge a handling and administration charge of 10% of the purchase price of the goods returned.

5. Description of Goods. (i) All goods will be supplied as specified subject to reasonable availability to the Company of materials.

(ii) Variation by the Company within the specification of the goods shall not constitute a breach of contract or impose upon the Company any liability whatsoever.

6. Payment Payment in full is required on completion of the work and prior to removal of the vehicle. Payment can be made by card, cash or bank transfer. Cash payments will not be given change. If no payment is made, we reserve the right the hold the vehicle or the goods until payment has been made.


7. Guarantee & Liability - (i) The Company will, as far as they reasonably can, transfer or make over to the Purchaser the benefit of any guarantee or warranty which may have been given by the manufacturer in respect of any goods the subject of this contract which are not made by the Company. In addition if during the period of twelve months from the date of despatch any part manufactured by the Company is found upon inspection by the Company to have proved defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service and when properly installed and connected the Company will be free of Terms & Conditions of Sale cost repair or if the Company so wishes to replace such part provided the Company is informed of the defect as soon as possible after discovery thereof and should the Company so require the part is returned carriage paid. Any cost or expense incurred by any persons removing or refitting the part shall be borne by the Purchaser. The Company will not however be liable to repair or replace any part of it if it has not been properly maintained before and during use in accordance with the Company’s recommended maintenance procedure or has been subjected to any misuse, unauthorised repair, replacement modification or alteration. (ii) Save as aforesaid the Company will in no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever caused directly or indirectly by any defect in material or workmanship or any defect in the goods or services supplied or by any negligence of the Company or of any servant or agent of the Company and in so far as it is lawful to do so all warranties and conditions express or implied statutory or otherwise are hereby expressly excluded.


8. Enforceability - If any provision of this agreement (whether a clause or subclause or part thereof) is held to be invalid or unenforceable such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions or part of such clauses or sub-clauses) which shall remain in full force and effect. It is acknowledged that I/we have received a copy of these terms and conditions and are duly authorised to sign.

9. Data Protection: (i) Where you provide your personal data to Us or We otherwise process personal data about you in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the provision of Products or Services, We shall process your personal data in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is accessible at

10. Storage Charges (i) Storage charges will be payable to Us in relation to any abandoned vehicles or

vehicles not collected from Us for a period of 30 days following completion of the work undertaken by Us on that vehicle. Vehicles not collected on the agreed collection date will be subject to a fee of £25.00 per night for vehicles left in our charge overnight. Loose wheels that are not collected within 21 working days will be sold to recoup costs incurred.

11. Liability for damage to products/property (i) Once any Products have been supplied, you will become liable for any loss or damage to those Products unless such loss or damage was caused by Us. (ii) The company shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to goods or articles left in vehicles, or damage or mechanical fault of any vehicle (other than obvious damage which was not recorded when the vehicle was checked in). We will not accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your vehicle and in particular we will not accept liability for any technical or structural damage to the wheels, where such damage occurs due to pre-existing faults and/or wear and tear unless the has been negligent in not realising that such damage may occur or in the way the work was carried out.

12. Quotations (i) All quotations are valid for 7 days from the date of issue, unless they include a specific promotional offer which has an earlier expiry date. The expiry date of promotional offers will be clearly marked.

(ii) Once Services have started you will be informed immediately of any additional work identified. A new printed quotation will be produced on request and additional work will only be carried out with your agreement.

13. Products Customers ordering tyres for fitment, should verify the tyre size and specification currently fitted to their vehicle before placing their online order for tyres with Us. If incorrect tyres are ordered, we will assist you in sourcing the correct tyres and re-schedule the fitting appointment.


14. Timescales Customers should appreciate that the time to complete the work will depend on the condition of the wheels/vehicle. Any unforeseen circumstances may result in a time delay. Customers will be advised as soon as it is evident that the work will take longer to complete than the time given.


15. Wheel Fitting Any vehicle brought to Only Tyres Ltd; we will ensure that we refit the wheels securely using the appropriate tools. Customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check the wheel nuts are tight immediately on collection and after a 25 mile bedding-in period and at regular intervals thereafter.

16. Crack & Buckle Repairs All welding & straightening work is undertaken at the owners own risk. Whilst we will not do any repairs that we believe to be unsafe, the responsibility is ultimately that of the customer. Cracks and bends to the face of the wheel can be re un-repairable in certain circumstances. As much as we endeavour to repair every wheel, cracks on the spokes of the wheel are deemed un-safe to fix as its part of the supporting structure of the wheel and we will refuse to weld these particular cracks. Only Tyres Ltd do not offer any warranty on weld repairs. Please take into consideration that until our technicians have had time to strip and examine the wheel(s), we are unable to give a 100% accurate prognosis. Once they have, then you will receive a telephone call to advise you of any issues. While every care is taken when straightening a wheel, a crack can often occur during the process. If this happens you will also be charged for a weld repair. If the wheel becomes beyond repair during the process it is not the responsibility of Only Tyres Ltd to replace the wheel.

17. Wheel Refurbishment Wheel refurbishment is not done on site, we organise a trusted third party to collect the wheels and carry out the work on our behalf. Occasionally "used" alloys will never look 100% perfect after its refurbishment. We ask all customers to appreciate the work done and the high quality finish that the wheels are at a small fraction of the price that a new wheel would be. Only Tyres Ltd will always endeavour to organise the refurbishment of the customer’s wheels to the best possible finish. After the wheels are inspected and stripped of its old coating, if found to be in a “very bad condition” (in some cases this may mean the wheels are unsuitable for refurbishment) the customer will be informed of any additional charge before work commences and also of any additional time this may incur. We reserve the right to terminate work on wheels that are excessively damaged or corroded.


18. Damaged/illegal tyres Only Tyres Ltd reserves the right not to re-fit damaged or illegal tyres. Illegal / damaged tyres will only be refitted under the Customer’s express instructions, and the Customer must sign a disclaimer to this effect. We can supply and fit replacement tyres upon request.


19. Insurance All vehicles must be fully covered by your personal insurance whilst left with Premier Wheel

Repairs LTD.

20. Locking wheel nut keys and OEM toolkits must be provided. Any costs incurred due to removal of locking wheel nuts will be charged to the Customer and will incur delays.

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